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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us at 6:00 a.m. on this saturday morning. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen this morning. good morning, francis. >> good morning, katie and everyone. we are seeing a lot of coastal clouds pushing inland. there is fog in santa rosa at 51 degrees. the cloud cover will pull back to the coast. by this afternoon plenty of sunshine for everybody. but during the morning hours we will see temperatures in the 50s to near 60. this afternoon a widespread range of temperatures from 60 near the coast to near 100 inland. so it's going to be a little bit
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warmer compared to yesterday around the bay. and foreign land communities this evening the clouds return, temperatures will drop to the upper 50s to low 80s. if you have dinner plans. and i do have a cooling trend to tell you about with the accuweather seven-day forecast in my report. >> more rallies are scheduled today in a second weekend of protests over the george zimmerman verdict. one begins at 9:00 a.m. at the san francisco federal building on 7th street. another rally at noon at the federal building on clay street in oakland. today's rallies come after about 100 people marched peacefully yesterday. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana was there. >> about 100 people gathered for a candlelight vigil. organizers repeatedly urged everyone to remain nonviolent. >> this is a peaceful vigil and honoring ceremonies for trayvon martin. >> mixed in amongst the group was oakland mayor jean quan.
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most people arrived by foot as part of a four-mile march through the city that started earlier in the evening. a number of different organizations, each with a different focus, kim out for the event. some are here to speak out against gun violence and some are here to address the violence against businesses and vandalism against businesses at earlier events. >> they trying to do business in a city to help the city so why attack somebody who wants to ultimately wants to better us. >> he asked them to add a different image to activism. >> black men in particular, it's not all about the movements, the rowdiness. we want to show the world that we can be professionals. >> his group planned on checking in with downtown businesses of that been boarded up. the other sizable group, a large contingent of oakland place. >> all days off cancelled, all hands on deck, everybody is here. >> a fleet of white advance was used to mobilize offices are
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ahead of marching demonstrators, and dozens trailed the group as they weaved through the streets on their march. in okay and, abc7 news. other rallies are scheduled today at san jose city hall and bethel jesse high school in vallejo. some businesses aren't taking chances. bank of america and california bank and trust have their windows bored up with plywood and the tribune installed security cameras and lights after $6,000 of glass was broken in earlier protests. president obama talked at length about the shooting yesterday. he said he spoke from the heart about why there is so much anger. >> the african-american community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history. there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they weremshopping in a department store.
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and that all contributes, i think, to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different. trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> this is a look at a young barack obama next to trayvon martin. pictures like these are making the rounds on social media. martin's parents said they are honored the president could see himself in trayvon and identify with him. breaking news out of san jose. authorities are investigating a deadly accident on highway 101. it happened just after 1:00 this morning on southbound 101 at an exit. the exit was closed for several hours while police investigated, but it has since reopened. we will have more on the story as updates become available. a motorcyclist is dead this morning after being hit by two cars in san jose.
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witnesses tell police it looked like two cars were racing on south white road just before 10:00 last night when they crashed and hit the most cyclist. the cars ended up in the front yards. the area roads were shut down while police investigated. so far no one has come forward with any substantial leads in the search for the keller of an 8-year-old girl who was shot to death on wednesday night. abc7 news reporter allen wong has more on how the girl's mother is calling on the community to help. >> alaysha carradine's mother described her daughter as a girl who loved to talk. there were picturessent to the apartment where the girl was murdered. >> i'm so sad she didn't get to live. >> she got the bad news about her daughter while on vacation. alaysha was shot while at a sleep over. the 7-year-old friend, the
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mother and brother were all wounded when they answered the door. someone fired ten shots into it. >> i wish she were here now so i could hold her and give her within last hug and let her know that i love her. >> the reward money for information lead to go an arrest has been increased to $35,000. police say they are relying heavily on the community. >> what investigators are looking for, they believe there is a vehicle associated to either the shooter or shooters of, the us is expects who may have traveled together. i can't believe she's the 54th homicide in oakland and no one has come forward to tell me anything or they didn't see anyone. >> alaysha's mother said she spent six months researching a place to live, about you it didn't stop the senseless crime n oakland, allen wong. abc7 news. happening today, family members of a missing toddler will go door to door to try to find anyone who may have seen
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her. daphne we bbs father reported her missing nine days ago. he said he left daphne in his s.u.v. outside after liquor store near 9th avenue and international boulevard and when he came out she was gone. her family will be in that neighborhood starting at 10:00 this morning handing out flyers at homes and businesses. san francisco fire department officials are admitting one of their vehicles ran over and killed a passenger on asiana airlines flight 214. san mateo county coroner confirmed the 16-year-old died after being hit on the runway by an emergency fire vehicle. she's seen here in home video. she was found under a foot of firefight thing foam near the plane's left wing. she was still alive when she was run over. >> obviously this is very difficult news for us. we are heartbroken. we are in the business of saving lives, and many lives were saved that day on july 6th related to flight 214. the chinese consulate issued a statement that reads in part,
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he urge the involved parties of the u.s. side to deal properly with the aftermath of her death and investigate and affix responsibility for this tragic accident." asiana airlines flight 214 requested a go around before landing safely yesterday. it was about half-mile from the runway before it took a second go at it. the faa said that is common and can happen for a vote of reasons. residents in san jose need a new place to stay after homes were traveled by fire last night. fire crews responded to several calls to multiple homes on fire just before 6:30. when they got there, firefighters saw a gas meter had broken off one of the homes and was leaking gas, feeding both fires. the fires were controlled in about 40 minutes. oakland police arrested a man who they say led them on a chase carrying a baby, a stroller and a gun. this is video you will only see
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on abc7 news. police say the man took his baby at gunpoint yesterday from his girlfriend, who is the baby's mother. security guards from summit medical center chased him down the street until police cornered him. they say he ditched the gun but refused to give up the baby girl. police tased him. the baby was not hurt and is now reunited with her mother. a chiropractor is under arrest en charges of sexually assaulting one of his patients. he was taken into custody and booked on a sexual battery charge. police say the assault happened in his office on east hamilton avenue. investigators want to know if any other patients were touched inappropriately. >> the doctor who was arrested in this case has been in business for a number of years and has seen numerous patients s based on what happened, we are trying to determine if there are any other potential victims in this case. >> a woman who answered the
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phone at his office said she had no comment on the case. new problems for the bay bridge. this time on the western span. we have a live look at the bridge for you on this cloudy morning. caltrans says it needs to replaced 6 giant seismic shock absorbers because they have worn-out twice as fast as expected. they were installed as a big earthquake retrofit in 2004 and they were expected to last for 20 years. the $13 million for the fix will come from bridge follows. you can't even see the very top of the bridge this morning. >> no, the clouds have thick end and the marine layer but it will change the next couple hours. we will see more sunshine. in fact we are looking live from the east bay hills over the low clouds of that spilled in from the coast. sunrise just 6 minutes ago. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be in your neighborhood today. >> thank you, francis. also next, a scary roller coaster accident. a woman falls to her death.
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what witnesses saw just before it happened. and outrage over the catholic church's plans to put
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we are getting more details about a woman who fell from her death from a texas roller coaster in front of her son.
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it happened yesterday evening at six flags texas on the texas giant roller coaster. several witnesses say the victim asked park employees to make sure she was properly restrained. a woman who was in line behind the victim said the safety bar released and the woman tumbled off. the texas giant, which is 14 stories tall at its highest point, is closed for investigation. the san diego county clerk is now asking the california supreme court to stop same sex marriages. the clerk filed the petition yesterday. it argued that same-sex marriage is still illegal in california, despite a u.s. court ruling last month. they claim the high court decision only applies to alameda and los angeles counties where the couples in the original federal lawsuit lived. last monday a similar request was rejected by same sex opponents. neighbors in fremont is upset that a new housing track is about to be built on a portion of a nearly 200-year-old cemetery. we caught up with a man who says
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she has proof there are still bodies buried at old st. joseph cemetery. >> i'm totally sure of that, that my house, my car -- not my family, but -- >> he bets there are still bodies buried under a proposed housing development that was once part of the development in fremont. he lives next to the burial grounds and he watched at 250 graves were dug up to make room for the development in 2007. >> they dug up all the bodies in the west and then he this -- they stopped. they didn't dig up any bodies in the east. >> he showed us a map where the bodies were removed and where he claims there are still caskets buried in the area where the homes will sit. construction has begun so he has made his findings public on facebook and found support from other neighbors and parishioners who want to stop the homes being built on hallowed ground.
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this man came to check on his father's grave. >> i didn't think he was disturbed, but i wanted to make sure. >> the church moved from 240 remains into 24 one grave site. >> he was buried up on the hill with a beautiful view lot, and he was dug up and crammed into a mass grave. and that is just -- that's disgusting. >> he said he doesn't believe anyone will want to live in a home where there are still possibly bodies buried underground. he's written to the developer asking them to shelf their plans, and he has not heard back. abc7 news called and are also waiting for comment. st. joseph church, who sold the property for more than $5 million, says the money will go for a new church and if any remains are found during construction, they will rebury them properly. in the south bay, abc7 news. developing news. a second community is preparing for a possible evacuation order as the massive fire in the san bernardino mountains
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continues to burn. it's spread to more than 5,000 -- more than 27,000 acheners riverside county and has already forced the evacuation of a small community north of idlewild. the officials are worried the fire could grow even larger because of possible thunderstorms. fire broke out monday and has destroyed at least a dozen structures. more than 3,000 firefighters are on the ground battling the flames. the fire is just 15% contained right now and the lieutenant-governor has declared an emergency. the fire near the grape future section has grown. authorities there issued an evacuation order for about two dozen homes. a big rig on the side of the freeway may have sparked this fire. it is 56% contained. a young couple that survived the aurora movie shooting, has decided to turn the one year anniversary into their wedding date. the shooting in colorado left 12 people dead and injured more
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than 70. the 22 and 21-year-old were on a date sitting in the second row on a date when the shooter opened fire. hahn pushed her under the chair and she would heard with his own body. he was shot in the hip and knee. >> it was a night of terror and horror and all of that stuff, but we wanted to change the date and, you know, kind of make it our own. >> that night, how he saved me so, of course, i want to keep him around. [laughter] >> it took hahn months to recover. much of that time davis was by his side. they say their tragedy has only strengthened their love for each other. music in the park is back after taking a year off. ♪ grammy award winning band headlined at st. james park. the event was cancelled last year of a someone was stabbed
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after the show in 2011, so changes were made this year. instead of being a series of free concerts, it was just a one-night concert, nice night for that last night. >> you can see from behind us here there's a cloudy start this morning. >> kind of a gray, soupy start but it will be sunny again today so you can wear your t-shirts and tank tops if you are headed to the festival. we are showing you some cloud cover coming in from the coast. i also want to take you to reno because a lot of folks traveling during the summer months, there is a heat advisory in effect right now, and that's until tomorrow night. temperatures near 105 degrees for today and tomorrow. and then overnight lows only dropping into the 70s. so try to stay indoors if you are in that area. here's more of that gray soup i was talking about, as we look
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toward the transamerica tower. just kind of covered there, the top. in san francisco it's 52 degrees n san jose it's 59. and 52 in half moon bay. another live view from emeryville looking west out toward the bay. again, you can barely see san francisco in the distance because of all the low, gray clouds. foggy in santa rosa at 51. fairfield 56 and livermore at 57. more gray skies. in fact, it looks like the marine layer has pushed inland a little more and chickened, especially here at the golden gate bridge, where we can barley see across the span right now. here's what you can expect for today. a foggy coast and we will get foggy again in the valleys. hot inland and mild numbers at the coast. then we have a gradual cooling starting tomorrow, continuing into tuesday. the pacific satellite image shows this hot air mass, the center of it moving closer to the bay area, bringing us some
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warmer temperatures around the bay and foreign land communities. i also want to show you how the clouds clear. so we will see a lot of sunny skies by even 8:00 this i think m we will see the clouds along the coast, but sunny inland. and then tomorrow we will see increasing high clouds with slightly cooler numbers. for today look for a high of low 80s in parts of the south bay. 83 san jose, 74 santa cruz. very nice beach whether. 81 in palo alto. 73 in milbrae. 67 downtown san francisco. and hot in ukiah at 104 degrees. also pretty warm in sonoma and napa, upper 80s for you. we will also warm up a few degrees for parts of the east bay. near 80 in fremont and hercules at 78 degrees today. 100 in brentwood. so definitely have the sunscreen and hat ready. 95 in san ramon. now i want to show you the california state forecast, as well. so we're talking about some heat
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in reno at 104. tahoe also 92. but then we've got some clouds in parts of southern california. 78 degrees there with also some strong rip currents. be careful if you are heading through that area through san diego. here's a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. we have hot temperatures, near 100 today inland. 80 around the bay. low 60s along the coast. we are going to see a slight cool down tomorrow and more high clouds and low clouds on monday, bringing us temperatures a few more degrees cooler. then we will see partly cloudy conditions on tuesday. the cool-down continues and things start to change on wednesday. increasing temperatures closer to normal by the end of the week. we will let you know hu hot it's going to be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. i know it's gray right now, but it really is going to be turn out to be a wonderful saturday ahead. thank you, francis.
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up next, a highway prank that had drivers doing a double take. and later the retired nba star who is running a thriving start-up here in the bay area. but you won't be able to buy his
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>> people may have spotted fake
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road signs, but most drivers probably missed them. just below this speed limit sign is another that reads speed enforced by drones. but the chp doesn't use drones. signs were spotted on highway 101 on marin city and highway 107. -- highway 37 in novato monday. they were removed that night and the chp has no idea who put them up. new this morning hordes of comic book and sci-fi fans are in san diego for comic-con. the annual event allows people to dress up from their favorite films, cartoons and video games. organizers say nearly 130,000 people are expected to attend comic-con this year. coming up, how congresswoman nancy pelosi will be honored today for her leadership in the fight against aids. >> i'm nannette miranda at the dmv. your california license plate could soon be getting a high-tech makeover.
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they are consi
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. coming up on 6:30 and we are starting this half-hour with a
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look at the weather, fran continuing is in nor lisa argen this morning. francis. >> good morning, everyone. we are socked in right at the golden gate bridge with this live shot. you can barely see across the span right now. temperatures in the 50s with fog also reported in parts of the valley like isn't'sa. 52 san francisco, 55 oakland and 59 in san jose. but we will see a lot of sunshine eventually this afternoon. here's a live look from the east bay hills. you see the fog just spilling in from the coast, as well. that will clear by late morning, midmorning even in some locations. temperatures will be a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday foreign land neighborhoods and bay side neighbors. so numbers getting to near 100 degrees. it's going to be quite hot inland. around the bay very mild and comfortable. low 70s to low 80s and along the coast it will be pretty nice at the beach, but temperatures will be in the 60s. i have a cool-down coming up with the accuweather seven-day forecast and i will have that in
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my next report. katie. >> thank sis, thank you. more than 100 rallies are planned around the country today in the second week of protest over the george zimmerman verdict. in the bay area rallies will be held at the san francisco federal building, oakland ronald federal build, jesse bethel high school in vallejo and san francisco city hall. the rallies come after about 100 people held a candlelight vigil and marched yesterday from the plays to the fruitvale station. organizers called on the community to remain nonviolent. your license plate may be getting a new look in the near future. there's a proposal to put high-tech plates on california cars. some imagine that digital screen and wireless technology. others say not so fast. here's abc7 news capitol correspondent nannette miranda with the story. the cars of today are so advanced with gps, backup cameras and other high-tech
6:32 am
extras except -- >> the one thing on the car that's still 20th century is the license plate that is stamped metal and we think it can be done more efficiently and at a better cost, potentially through digital technology. >> a measure at the capitol would allow dmv to have a pilot program with up to 160,000 fleet vehicles that would allow a digital screen on the license plate. youtube shows what one might look like on a motorcycle. it has wireless capabilities so dvm can directly update your license plate as you pay and maybe spot your car. gordon just bought a car and supports the idea of by-passing the dmv. the state spends $20,000 on post an alone for renewals. >> i think it would be easier if we didn't have to come down here and pick up our tags or mail anything in. i wouldn't have to come here with my plates to get more one.
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>> it's still under involvement, but new jersey has this idea. a south carolina company said it can go so far as shaming drivers with messages of expired or uninsured across the screen. >> this will be big brother watching us. >> privacy groups are concerned. wireless technology means we can be tracked. the nsa proved that. and an aclu report out this week revealed many law enforcement companies are keeping data gathered during license late scans in parking lots and on the road. electronic frontier association to like to see more protection. >> consumers are simply giving up too much of their private data and it's the legislature's job to protect average californians from overly intrusive government snooping. >> i think they are going too far with a lot of things. i think things should be the way they are. there's no need to step it up. if it's not broke, why fix it? >> if the pilot plan is approved and successful for the public, tech experts say the digital plates could eventually show advertising when the vehicle is
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stopped for 4 seconds or more and be a moneymaker for the state. in sacramento, abc7 news. new this morning president obama is commending the work of a consumer protection agency created after the economic crisis. the consumer financial protection bureau got its first permanent director this week after the senate voted to install the candidate after years of delay. in his weekly internet and media address, the president said the internet has made great strides in protecting the public. >> the work that's being done over the past two years, today mortgage lenders, payday lenders and credit reporting and debt collection agencies all face greater scrutiny. if they don't play by the rules you now have somewhere to go to get some measure of justice. >> the senate confirmed him tuesday.
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happening today, nancy pelosi will honored at the national aids memorial grove for her leadership in the fight against the disease. more than 100 supporters will be on hand today, which will include the nancy pelosi leadership walkway. as she's done in years past, pelosi will take part in maintaining the grounds of the national memorial by planting trees, flowers and shrubs during event. today is the aids walk. abc is a proud supporter. walkers tomorrow will be able to see themselves on the abc7 jumbotron when they reach checkpoint 3. we will be streaming it live on our website at you can still register for the walk. just call or visit or text. today menlo park will kickoff it's an you'll midsummer festival of the arts. now in it's 27th year, they
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will feature live music, contemporary art, cooking demonstrations, activities for kids and food booths. it take place from ten to six today and tomorrow in downtown menlo park. admission is free. abc7 is bringing you a new way to experience abc programming anytime, virtually anywhere. get it live or on demand. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings has the details. >> watch abc is an exciting new way for you to watch a live stream of your favorite abc tv shows. >> investigators try to piece together what happened. >> and local programming almost anywhere. whether you are are at home, at the office or running errands you can get all your favorite abc shows, sports and abc7 news on your smartphone, your tablet or your computer. it's live and on demand. abc7 is among the first stations in the country to bring you the watch abc live stream.
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and sign in using your account information. log on and get the watchabc live stream now. >> find out how you can watch it on our website at to download the app for your mobile device now search for "watch abc." they are now everywhere you need us to be. next on the abc7 saturday morning news. a former nba star's effort to become a giant in the wine business. and taking a live look outside at 6:38. it will warm up and be sunny down there despite how it looks and feels right now.
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>> welcome back. >> you may not know that yao ming has a winery in california. it generates enormous demand and a bountiful return on investment. abc7 vic lee talked to you ming yesterday as he visited his winery. this is a story you will only see on abc7 news. >> for yao ming it's another slam-dunk. this time it's off the court and in the napa valley vineyards. >> just starting to gain that color. >> it's colorful. >> pretty much.
6:42 am
>> yau was in napa, during the vineyards that grow his grapes. he started his boutique vinery a couple years ago. he leases vineyards and space in st. helena. his wines are sold almost exclusively in china. the rapidly emerging middle class there just can't get enough of his yao ming family wines. they pay a whopping 650 bucks for his reserve cabernet and $150 for the flagship cab. >> people are getting to -- they want to experience something different. they drink a lot of wine because of a business dinner or a social event. >> although the chinese do consume a lot of wine, it's the home-grown rice wine, which can be much stronger. yao likes western wines because it creates a more relaxed drinking culture. >> it brings a different feeling. it's a slow down, peaceful and enjoy it, enjoy the wine with your family, friends.
6:43 am
i have some sunburn here. >> there were long hours of photoshoots today. he was followed by photographers and crews shooting promos for china. his winery produces less than 5,000 cases a year, but now yao is introducing a new label, the more moderately-priced napa crest. he wants napa on the label because he also wants the chinese to get to know this wine-growing region which he loves. >> i want people to come to experience napa. and with the wine, the food, the weather, everything. >> his new label, napa crest, will be much cheaper than his cab reserve, which again sells for $650 a bottle. napa crest will cost you only $48. in napa, vic lee, cheers. abc7 news. >> cheers to vic lee. blue skies in the vineyards on that day. but not yet. not yet today.
6:44 am
>> although we will see them once again. we will see temperatures coming up a few degrees in some bay area neighborhoods. we are looking from our east bay hills. you see the coastal clouds still showing inland, but also we will show you how warm it will take my bicycle your neighborhood coming up. >> pretty view. also next, the giants open a second half against the
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>> water officials are warning california's record dry year will probably lead to restrictions and cut-backs. the first six months of the year have been bone-dry in california. last year was a wet one and there was plenty of storage carrying over to this year, but that has been depleted and reservoir levels are dropping rapidly. some agencies are asking customers to alternate washing days and farmers may face restrictions that haven't been implemented in 30 years. >> once the clouds clear, we go to live doppler 7hd, quiet conditions right now. picking up a lot of the coastal clouds of that moved in. also we are picking up some low level employs, so you might see some mist out there, as well. you might need to use your wipers this morning. but things are going to change
6:48 am
pretty quickly, although as we look live from the exploratorium kam, you can see the bay bridge all gray out there. temperatures in the 50s. 52 in san francisco. 55 in oakland. and 59 in san jose. another look from emeryville shows more gray skies, and it's currently 52 in santa rosa, where it's been foggy all morning. visibility down to a half-mile in novato, 54. and in fairfield 56. totally socked in at the golden gate bridge with this live view. you see it can be a little difficult as you drive across the span there. and you can expect a foggy coast today during the morning and even foggy in some of the valleys, especially the north bay. hot inland today and mild numbers at the coast. a gradual cooling starts tomorrow and continues to tuesday. here's a look at the pacific satellite image. so as the center of the hot air mass moving closer, that's going to bring us warmer temperatures
6:49 am
today. but things will be changing tomorrow. you can look for a high of 83 today in san jose if you are headed to the blues festival. 89 los gatos. pretty warm in the lower part of the peninsula. see lower 80s and 73 milbrae. 62 in the sunset district. partly cloudy conditions and cloudier as you head to the coast. 67 downtown san francisco. look for upper 80s in novato and santa rosa, as well as sonoma and napa. so quite warm there. and very comfortable in the east bay. 78 in santa rosa. 74 in oakland. getting really hot inland. numbers near 100 degrees in some locations. 100 in brentwood? 93 in concord with where you are already starting off with clear conditions this morning. that helps to heat things up throughout the day. it will be a great day to head to the giants game. temperatures will be right near 61 degrees when it starts at 6:05. you will see increasing clouds
6:50 am
and then after sunset at 8:28 it will drop down to 57 degrees. so always bring a coat if you are headed to the at&t park. also, if you are planning on going to the aids walk, tomorrow aids walk san francisco, you will find a lot of abc7 folks there since we are the official sponsor. temperatures will be just perfect for the walk. upper 50s when it starts and around 10:30 and then it will warm up to the low 6 tos. then you can grab a layer and take it off. here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. we have hot numbers inland, near 100. 80s around the bay, 60s along the coast. a little cooler tomorrow. increasing clouds on monday. even a bit muggy on monday with a slight increase in humidity. then a little cooler on tuesday before we warm back up again wednesday, thursday and friday, holding steady. >> just in time for the weekend again. >> ah-ha. >> thanks, francis. in sports tonight the
6:51 am
als-leading a's are in anaheim still looking for their first win after the all-star break. last night oakland returned to action without one of their biggest bats and lost to the angels. here's abc7 news sports director larry beil with the details and highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. after crushing everything in the home run derby, cespedes didn't play last night. he took batting practice, then was scratched with a sore wrist. ag griffin came in 7-1 against them. too many mission stakes. albert pujols crushing it in the third. weaver has thrown 28 scoreless innings against the a's, 6 2/3 in this game. struck out 8. griffin in the fifth. lookout! aybar yanks it down the line. and two later, mike trout. a la huh as the angels win 4-1.
6:52 am
lon simmons, broadcaster, celebrating his 90 birthday and throwing out the first pitch. 1-0 giants. chad gaudin, tremendous. seven scoreless. look at the heat there. struck out 8. also had some help from his d. paul goldschmidt submit, a towering fly ball. have no fear! giant win 2-1. they are now 5 1/2 games back in the west. looks like it will be a weekend of torture at the british open. the course is like a vice. tiger woods is in that vice. at age 49 he could become the
6:53 am
oldest to win a major. 71, 3-under, up by a stroke. he said the 18th was perfect for a windmill and clown face. there's your windmill. tiger level par 71. birdies 18 to get to 2-under. he is just one back. the third round already underway on espn. celebrity golf at lake tahoe. the american century championship, featuring warriors guard steph curry. the handicap? they use a scoring event and get points for birdies, steps, and he is five back of the leader. and a wacky one. the san jose earthquake soccer players meeting with professional bull riders and their bulls. they looked pretty content to stay behind the bars. steven leonard, lookout, buddy! they had a weigh-off. it took ten players to match the weight of a 2,000-pound bull. i'll stay right back here. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. coming up next, your invitation to come out and play in san francisco this morning
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>> happening today, the long-awaited sue bierman park playland opens this morning. it opens on land that served as ramps for the freeway that was demolished affeldt the 1980s earthquake. the new park was held up by a law prohibiting permanent structures on the site, but a push by local activists and city leaders got it done. families in the area say it's a welcome addition for a changing neighborhood. today's ribbon cutting ceremony and carnival begins at 10:00
6:57 am
a.m. >> where wise, what can folks expect? >> upper 60s in san francisco and cooler tomorrow. >>
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, fatal ride. a mother falls from a 150-foot-tall rollercoaster in front of a traumatized crowd. what went wrong here? end of the heat dome. overnight, thunderstorms herald the end of this brutal wave of high temperatures. but our meteorologist, ginger zee, says the northeast is not quite out of the woods just yet. when kanye attacks. new video this morning of the notoriously short-tempered rapper, attacking a paparazzo. what set him off? and could he face charges for this? fan-demonium. one of the world's biggest geek parties combined with a star-studded hollywood bash.


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